Today, Senator Mark Pryor’s campaign unveiled a new television entitled “$24 Billion.”

In the thirty-second ad, the Pryor campaign ties Tom Cotton to the reckless Republicans who shut down the government while contrasting it with Pryor’s work to avoid default and reopen the government.


Here’s the script from Pryor’s ad:

Narrator 1: Tom Cotton cost us billions. The government shutdown cost America $24 billion. [Standard & Poor’s; Memphis Business Journal, 10/17/13]

Cotton and a small group of reckless congressmen took our country to the brink of default. [ABC News, 10/8/13]

His irresponsible actions weakened our credit and damaged our economy. [Reuters, 10/7/13] [CNNMoney, 10/15/13]

Narrator 2: Fortunately,
wiser heads prevailed. Senators like Mark Pryor brought Democrats and
Republicans together to end the shutdown and responsibly cut spending. [CNN, 10/16/13] [Associated Press, 10/16/13]

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Michael Cook
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