The City Wire, re-launched in November 2008, is a media company that covers business, politics and culture in the Fort Smith and Northwest Arkansas regions. News on The City Wire ( also includes statewide business and political news. More than 1.683 million people have visited the website between Nov. 1, 2008 and Dec. 31, 2013, and logged more than 8.248 million pageviews.

As part of the expansion push, The City Wire editor and co-owner Michael Tilley was in late 2011 promoted to TCW Media president, and Patricia Brown was named the chief operations officer.

The City Wire is a news source that cuts through the clutter of bank robberies, house fires and meth busts to deliver timely, detailed and accurate business, political and arts & entertainment news. At The City Wire, we deliver today’s news now, and tomorrow’s headlines today.

In addition to providing daily a wealth of news and information, The City Wire also provides a platform for visitors and Registered Users to post info in our Events Calendar, write blogs, post classified ads, post comments — just to name a few of the FREE options available on The City Wire.

The City Wire also formed and continues to benefit from content partnerships with Little Rock-based Talk Business & Politics and Fayetteville-based KUAF 91.3 FM.

The City Wire also provides a unique and innovative platform for advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Specialized ads and ad campaigns can easily be targeted to the higher income, higher education demographic who frequently visit The City Wire.

More than 85 companies and organizations — and that number continues to grow each month — have found value in advertising their products, services and messages on The City Wire. Link here to learn more about our advertising opportunities.

Got info?
If you have coverage ideas, suggestions for content or any other info to pass along to The City Wire, please call us (242-2800) or e-mail at [email protected]

Who we are
Following are The City Wire full-time staff and freelancers:

Daelene Brown, TCW business manager

Patricia Brown, TCW co-owner, consultant

Amanda Carson, freelance writer

Ruby Dean, freelance writer and photographer

Ruth Ann Lucker, administrative support

Nancy Peevy, freelance writer and photographer

Brittany Ransom, freelance writer and photographer

Kathy Reed, administrative assistant

Jamie Smith, freelance writer

Kim Souza, TCW editor, Northwest Arkansas

Michael Tilley, TCW president and managing editor