Navigate to using your mobile browser.

The City Wire supports a mobile display on most current smart phones (Android and iPhone).  Viewing The City Wire on your smart phone is easy.  Simply navigate to on your smart phone's internet browser. Our system will automatically detect that you are using a mobile device and present the mobile version of The City Wire.

If you would like to add The City Wire to the home screen of your mobile device, here are some instructions that will help.


Navigate to using your Safari browser.


Once on the home page of The City Wire, you can book mark it.

Use the options button at the foot of the browser to bring up your book marking options.


Use the "Add to Home Screen" to add our icon to your home screen.

After hitting the "Add to Home Screen" option you will be given the chance to change the name of the icon.



Navigate to using your internet browser.


Add a book mark to The City Wire using the bookmark button.


After bookmarking The City Wire, find the bookmark in your bookmark list and long-press (press and hold the button) on The City Wire's bookmark.


This will bring up a bookmark options menu. Click on "Add shortcut to Home" to add this bookmark to your home screen.


Now you have The City Wire on the home screen of your Android device.