Get on a Non-Profit Board

Presented by Patricia Brown

October 8, 2013


Evolution of Non-Profit Boards

First Stage – GRASS ROOTS

Middle Stage – GOVERNING



Board of Directors

Creates the vision & strategic plan in partnership with the Executive Director

Understands & has passion for the program

Reviews, approves & oversees the budget

Spends time identifying, cultivating & asking donors


Executive Director

Must commit to the budget & resources to support the program

Hires & Manages staff

Spends time identifying, cultivating, asking & thanking donors

Acts as an advocate for the program & communicates progress

Primary Spokesperson


Why People Give or Get Involved

Because they are personally touched by the cause

Because of who else is supporting

Because it improves the community

To demonstrate power

To gain influence & professional advancement

Because of tax & financial planning

Have Fun!!


Volunteering and Volunteers

Presented by Beth Presley


7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Volunteering

1. Identify the causes you’re are passionate about

2. Determine how much time you have

3. Contact the relevant organizations

4. Look for volunteer opportunities that are fulfilling

5. Match your skills to the volunteer opportunity

6. Br prepared for a challenge

7. Expect personal growth


What organizations need to know about volunteering and volunteers.



Before you recruit

• Get your house in order

• Give volunteers a great experience

• Where to find them: place like events like this, online, social media, word of mouth

• Have volunteer role descriptions

• Do the background work before you recruit

o Why do you want volunteers, what tasks, roles

o What experience/skills do you want your volunteers to possess?

o Do you have a volunteer application? Or do you conduct interviews?

o References? Background checks? Health checks?

o Are you prepared to refuse a volunteer? Or fire one?


• Have a volunteer induction/orientation

• Proper training is key. Right person in the right position

• Volunteer laws? HR laws as pertains to volunteers?

Managing and retaining

• Treat volunteers as employees

• Supervise and support

• Do you have a volunteer coordinator and policy

• How do you recognize the volunteer contribution

• How do you solve volunteer problems and complaints