by Carter Malloy -

Farmland investments take root

As Arkansans, most of us know someone who owns some farmland. Agriculture is the largest industry in the state and for many is part of their family’s heritage, yet almost…

by Josh Davenport and Heather Nelson -

A power shift

A transition in Arkansas’s economy is underfoot. As residents change the way they receive goods and services, particularly in rural communities, businesses have been faced with a difficult choice: adapt…

by U.S. Rep. Rick Crawford -

The mortaring of middle America

Another day and another news story about how pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs), the middlemen sitting between you, your employer and your local pharmacist, are driving up the cost of healthcare….

by Rick West -

Shopping suggestions

If all goes as projected, U.S. families will spend upwards of $26 billion over the next several weeks preparing to send their K-12 students back to school, according to the…

by Eric Bunnell -

Equipment leasing remains a viable option

Equipment finance can be traced back more than 4,000 years, when Sumerians produced leases on tablets made of clay (not Apple) for agricultural tools and animals. Today, the industry meets…

by Will Gruber -

Data-driven decision making

Is state government most effectively utilizing its data to ensure cross-agency collaboration? According to the some Arkansas lawmakers, the answer may be no. On June 20, 2019, a legislative committee…

by Kila Owens -

A hay ride to home

I was on a hay ride in the middle of a pumpkin patch in central Arkansas when my husband, Chad, called to tell me he had just accepted a job…

by Paul Holmes -

Thank God for Arkansas

Remember when we Arkansans often proclaimed, “Thank God for Mississippi,” in an effort to assuage our embarrassment at being ranked next-to-last in various state-by-state rankings, particularly those dealing with education,…