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Federal Offices
Arkansas Constitutional Offices
Arkansas Supreme Court
Arkansas State Senate
Arkansas State House

R-Republican; D-Democrat; L-Libertarian; G-Green; I-Independent



U.S. Congress – District 1
Rep. Rick Crawford – R (incumbent)
Robert Butler – D
Chintan Desai – D

U.S. Congress – District 2
Rep. French Hill – R (incumbent)
Paul Spencer – D
Gwen Combs – D
Clarke Tucker – D
Natashia Burch Hulsey – I

U.S. Congress – District 3
Rep. Steve Womack – R (incumbent)
Robb Ryerse – R
Joshua Mahony – D
Michael Kalagias – L

U.S. Congress – District 4
Rep. Bruce Westerman – R (incumbent)
Hayden Shamel – D
Michael Barrett – I
Lee McQueen – I
Tom Canada – L



Gov. Asa Hutchinson – R (incumbent)
Jan Morgan – R
Mark West – L
Jared Henderson – D

Lt. Governor
Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin – R (incumbent)
Anthony Bland – D

Attorney General
Attorney General Leslie Rutledge – R (incumbent)

Secretary of State
Commissioner of State Lands John Thurston – R
State Rep. Trevor Drown – R
Susan Inman – D

Auditor of State
Auditor Andrea Lea – R (incumbent)

Treasurer of State
Treasurer Dennis Milligan – R (incumbent)

Commissioner of State Lands
Tommy Land – R
Larry Williams – D
T.J. Campbell – L
(Incumbent Land Commissioner John Thurston term-limited; running for Secretary of State post)


Justice Courtney Goodson – Independent (incumbent)
David Sterling – Independent



District 3
State Sen. Cecile Bledsoe – R (incumbent)
Jon Comstock – D

District 4
State Rep. Greg Leding – D
(Incumbent State Sen. Uvalde Lindsey not seeking re-election)

District 5
State Rep. Bob Ballinger – R
(Incumbent State Sen. Bryan King not seeking re-election)

District 6
State Sen. Gary Stubblefield

District 8
* State Rep. Mat Pitsch – R
Denny Altes – R
(Incumbent State Sen. Jake Files has resigned) * Cannot run in special election

District 9
State Sen. Terry Rice – R (incumbent)

District 10
State Sen. Larry Teague – D (incumbent)

District 14
State Sen. Bill Sample – R (incumbent)
Susie Reece – D

District 15
State Sen. David Sanders – R (incumbent)

District 16
Breanne Davis – R
Bob Bailey – R
Teresa Gallegos – D
(Sen. Greg Standridge passed away)

District 17
State Sen. Scott Flippo – R (incumbent)

District 18
State Sen. Missy Irvin – R (incumbent)

District 19
State Sen. Linda Collins-Smith – R (incumbent)
State Rep. James Sturch – R

District 20
State Sen. Blake Johnson – R (incumbent)

District 24
State Sen. Keith Ingram – D (incumbent)
Dorothy Cooper – D

District 29
Ricky Hill – R
Steven McNeely – D
(Sen. Eddie Joe Williams vacated seat for Trump administration post)

District 30
State Sen. Linda Chesterfield – D (incumbent)

District 31
State Sen. Joyce Elliott – D (incumbent)

District 33
State Rep. Kim Hammer – R
Melissa Fults – D
(Incumbent State Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson not seeking re-election)

District 35
State Sen. Jason Rapert – R (incumbent)
Maureen Skinner – D



District 1
State Rep. Carol Dalby – R (incumbent)

District 2
State Rep. Lane Jean – R (incumbent)

District 3
State Rep. Danny Watson – R (incumbent)

District 4
State Rep. DeAnn Vaught – R (incumbent)

District 5
State Rep. David Fielding – D (incumbent)
Wade Andrews – R

District 6
State Rep. Matthew Shepherd – R (incumbent)

District 7
State Rep. Sonia Barker – R (incumbent)

District 8
State Rep. Jeff Wardlaw – R (incumbent)

District 9
State Rep. LeAnne Burch – D (incumbent)

District 10
State Rep. Mike Holcomb – R (incumbent)

District 11
State Rep. Mark McElroy – D (incumbent)
Don Glover – D
Ricky Lattimore, Jr. – R

District 12
State Rep. Chris Richey – D (incumbent)

District 13
State Rep. David Hillman – R (incumbent)

District 14
State Rep. Roger Lynch – R (incumbent)

District 15
State Rep. Ken Bragg – R (incumbent)

District 16
State Rep. Kenneth Ferguson – D (incumbent)

District 17
State Rep. Vivian Flowers – D (incumbent)

District 18
State Rep. Richard Womack – R (incumbent)

District 19
State Rep. Justin Gonzales – R (incumbent)

District 20
State Rep. John Maddox – R (incumbent)

District 21
State Rep. Marcus Richmond – R (incumbent)
Stele James – D

District 22
State Rep. Mickey Gates – R (incumbent)

District 23
State Rep. Lanny Fite – R (incumbent)

District 24
State Rep. Bruce Cozart – R (incumbent)

District 25
State Rep. Les Warren – R (incumbent)

District 26
State Rep. Laurie Rushing – R (incumbent)
Ernie Hinz – R

District 27
Rep. Andy Mayberry – R (incumbent)
Jim Dial – D

District 28
Jasen Kelly – R
Kerry Murphy – R
Dustin Parsons – D
(Incumbent State Rep. Kim Hammer to run for State Senate seat)

District 29
State Rep. Fredrick Love – D (incumbent)

District 30
State Rep. Fred Allen – D (incumbent)

District 31
State Rep. Andy Davis – R (incumbent)
Mike Lee – D

District 32
State Rep. James Sorvillo – R (incumbent)
Jess Mallett – D

District 33
Tippi McCollough – D
Ross Nolan – D
(Incumbent State Rep. Warwick Sabin to run for Little Rock mayor)

District 34
State Rep. John Walker – D (incumbent)

District 35
Andrew Collins – D
(Incumbent State Rep. Clarke Tucker to run for U.S. Congress)

District 36
State Rep. Charles Blake – D (incumbent)
Darrell Stephens – D

District 37
Jamie Scott – D
Isaac Henry – D
(Incumbent State Rep. Eddie Armstrong not seeking re-election)

District 38
State Rep. Carlton Wing – R (incumbent)
Andrew Pritt – D

District 39
State Rep. Mark Lowery – R (incumbent)
Monica Ball – D

District 40
State Rep. Douglas House – R (incumbent)

District 41
State Rep. Karilyn Brown – R (incumbent)
Jonathan Crossley – D

District 42
Mark Perry – D
(Incumbent State Rep. Bob Johnson to run for Jacksonville mayor)

District 43
State Rep. Tim Lemons – R (incumbent)

District 44
State Rep. Joe Farrer – R (incumbent)

District 45
Jim Wooten – R
(State Rep. Jeremy Gillam not seeking re-election)

District 46
State Rep. Les Eaves – R (incumbent)

District 47
State Rep. Michael John Gray – D (incumbent)

District 48
State Rep. Reginald Murdock – D (incumbent)

District 49
State Rep. Steve Hollowell – R (incumbent)

District 50
State Rep. Milton Nicks, Jr. – D (incumbent)

District 51
State Rep. Deborah Ferguson – D (incumbent)

District 52
State Rep. Dwight Tosh – R (incumbent)

District 53
State Rep. Dan Sullivan – R (incumbent)
Cole Peck – R

District 54
State Rep. Johnny Rye – R (incumbent)
Austin Jones – D

District 55
State Rep. Monte Hodges – D (incumbent)
Gary Tobar – R

District 56
State Rep. Joe Jett – R (incumbent)
Ryan Carter – D

District 57
State Rep. Jimmy Gazaway – R (incumbent)

District 58
State Rep. Brandt Smith – R (incumbent)

District 59
State Rep. Jack Ladyman – R (incumbent)

District 60
State Rep. Frances Cavenaugh – R (incumbent)

District 61
State Rep. Scott Baltz – D (incumbent)

District 62
State Rep. Michelle Gray – R (incumbent)

District 63
Stu Smith – R
Bryson Wood – R
(Incumbent State Rep. James Sturch seeking State Senate seat)

District 64
State Rep. John Payton – R (incumbent)

District 65
State Rep. Rick Beck – R (incumbent)
Michael Roetzel – D

District 66
State Rep. Josh Miller – R (incumbent)

District 67
State Rep. Stephen Meeks – R (incumbent)
Rodney Leggitt – R

District 68
Stan Berry – R
(Incumbent State Rep. Trevor Drown seeking Secretary of State seat)

District 69
State Rep. Aaron Pilkington – R (incumbent)

District 70
Spencer Hawks – R
Andrew Hawkins – D
(Incumbent State Rep. David Meeks not seeking re-election)

District 71
State Rep. Ken Henderson – R (incumbent)
Joe Cloud – R
Nathan George – D

District 72
State Rep. Stephen Magie – D (incumbent)

District 73
State Rep. Mary Bentley – R (incumbent)
Rashad Woods – D

District 74
State Rep. Jon Eubanks – R (incumbent)

District 75
Lee Johnson – R
(Incumbent State Rep. Charlotte Douglas not seeking re-election to seat)

District 76
Kelly Proctor-Pierce – R
(Incumbent State Rep. Mat Pitsch seeking State Senate seat)

District 77
State Rep. Justin Boyd – R

District 78
Jay Richardson – D
(Incumbent State Rep. George McGill to run for Fort Smith mayor)

District 79
State Rep. Gary Deffenbaugh – R (incumbent)

District 80
State Rep. Charlene Fite – R (incumbent)
Casey Copeland – L

District 81
State Rep. Bruce Coleman – R (incumbent)
Donnie McKinney – D

District 82
State Rep. Sarah Capp – R (incumbent)

District 83
Donald Ragland – R
(Incumbent State Rep. David Branscum not seeking re-election)

District 84
State Rep. Charlie Collins – R (incumbent)
Denise Garner – D

District 85
State Rep. David Whitaker – D (incumbent)

District 86
Mark Kinion – D
Nicole Clowney – D
(Incumbent State Rep. Greg Leding seeking State Senate seat)

District 87
State Rep. Robin Lundstrum – R (incumbent)
Justin Jones – R
Kelly Scott Unger – D

District 88
State Rep. Clint Penzo – R (incumbent)

District 89
State Rep. Jeff Williams – R (incumbent)

District 90
State Rep. Jana Della Rosa – R (incumbent)
Kati McFarland – D

District 91
State Rep. Dan Douglas – R (incumbent)
Scott Richardson – R

District 92
Gayla Hendren McKenzie – R
Chris Birch – D
(Incumbent State Rep. Kim Hendren not running for re-election)

District 93
State Rep. Jim Dotson – R (incumbent)
Gan Nunnaly – R
Gayatri Agnew – D

District 94
State Rep. Rebecca Petty – R (incumbent)

District 95
State Rep. Austin McCollum – R (incumbent)
Celeste Williams – D

District 96
State Rep. Grant Hodges – R (incumbent)
Christie Craig – D

District 97
Gary Morris – D
Harlan Breaux – R
(Incumbent State Rep. Bob Ballinger running for State Senate seat)

District 98
State Rep. Ron McNair – R (incumbent)

District 99
State Rep. Jack Fortner – R (incumbent)

District 100
State Rep. Nelda Speaks – R (incumbent)