12 Reasons to advertise on The City Wire:

  1. Business Decision Makers and Community Leaders see you on TCW.
  2. Display ads generate thousands of branding impressions each month.
  3. Display ads provide TCW visitors the opportunity to click through to your web site or Facebook page.
  4. Your impressions and clicks are measured and reported.
  5. When ads are linked to your website it is seen as an endorsement in search engines’ eyes.
  6. Change in messaging, design or placement is easy!
  7. Display ads are affordable!
  8. TCW Graphic Artists are talented!
  9. TCW Account Executives have a wealth of marketing ideas.
  10. TCW Customer Service Representatives are available to help with TCW user questions.
  11. Advertiser exclusive monthly newsletters showcase TCW advertisers to each other while providing useful information.
  12. Advertising supports FREE news – No pay walls at TCW!

The City Wire (TCW) brings your brand into the view of its always growing number of visitors!

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Why Advertise with The City Wire?
Do you want your business to be seen by an audience who makes decisions each day that affect your community?  The typical TCW visitor is:

  • 67% are between ages 36 – 65
  • 69% have at least 4 year degree
  • 73% earned annually $75,000+

The City Wire not only publishes regional news, editorials, and information, but also provides the venue for the community to participate and contribute. The City Wire is on the front lines of new technology, and is dedicated to providing a true multimedia environment that informs, encourages, entertains, and serves the Fort Smith Region and Northwest Arkansas.

The City Wire uses several methods to reach the community and communicate with our visitors and members:

  • TCW provides comprehensive news as it happens!
  • TCW sends free E-News Monday – Friday.
  • TCW provides easy ways for users to invite their friends to join.
  • TCW uses internet marketing and search engine technology to continuously increase our site traffic.
  • TCW participates in and sponsors community events.

Ads on The City Wire are viewed thousands of times a month. Visitors may click through the ads and land on an advertiser’s web site, Facebook or splash page.  Combined with our professional demographic it is difficult to find a more cost effective and valuable advertising format. Advertising rates range from $100 to $2,000 a month. Also, The City Wire graphic artists are available to create an eye catching effective ad for an additional one time art fee.

Advertising with us is quick and easy. Contact TCW to have a marketing specialist assist you in developing an effective on-line advertising campaign. Spots are limited so call us or email soon.

Sample of TCW Ad Sizes:

  • Header, Footer, & Comment regions:  468px X 60px
  • Right Sidebar Small:  300px X 100px
  • Right Sidebar Large:  300px X 250px
  • In-Article Ad:  300px x 250x
  • Left Skyscraper Ad:  120px x 60x

Custom Campaigns & Sponsorships are also available!