Walmart corporate employees to return to offices Nov. 8

by Kim Souza ([email protected]) 3,241 views 

Walmart said Friday (Oct. 22) that corporate employees are expected to be vaccinated and return to their offices by Nov. 8. Walmart did say it would make special accommodations regarding vaccinations, but those must be made by Nov. 8.

In a memo from Donna Morris, chief people officer for the retail behemoth, she applauded the Walmart corporate work staff for being adaptable time and time again for the past 18 months of being asked to work remotely. Morris said the company has had to shift plans several times through various waves of the pandemic.

“You have continued to demonstrate we can move with speed, innovate and drive productivity while working virtually. Meanwhile, our associates in the distribution centers, stores and clubs have shown what we’ve always known: no one serves our communities like Walmart and Sam’s Club … pushed boundaries, moved more product than ever before and have done it while proudly knowing they were making a difference,” Morris noted in the memo.

She echoed what CEO Doug McMillon said recently that while technology had enabled virtual work throughout the pandemic, there is no substitution for being in offices together.

“It helps shape our culture, collaborate, innovate, build relationships and move faster,” she said.

Morris said the next few months will be an adjustment for the retailer as it creates new ways of working together, decreasing time in virtual meetings and increasing the time spent in person.

Morris said she was also looking forward to officially welcoming new hires. She said there would be a focus on communication, transparency and feedback as well as adding more remote connection options for meetings to foster inclusion.