Entegrity solar project to save Eureka Springs $750,000

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Little Rock-based solar energy company Entegrity has announced a solar energy project with the city of Eureka Springs. The solar energy project between Entegrity and Eureka Springs is expected to save the Northwest Arkansas city more than $750,000 over 25 years.

Entegrity and Eureka Springs, which has a population of nearly 2,100 people, reached an agreement in February.

“We’ve been working with Entegrity since last fall to bring this project to fruition,” Mayor Butch Berry said. “We were impressed with the company’s experience and expertise. We evaluated proposals from multiple energy services companies, conducted research, and ultimately chose Entegrity. They offered us what we considered the best path towards achieving our goal of sustainability and maximizing our savings. We are bringing renewable energy to our city in a way that will benefit the city for years to come.”

The project includes LED lighting upgrades for the police and fire stations, public works office, auditorium, wastewater treatment plant, and Lake Leatherwood Ballfield along with HVAC upgrades and water-saving measures.

“The goal of any energy project is to find ways to reduce facility-related utility and maintenance costs and reinvest that money into facility upgrades that pay for themselves,” said John Coleman, regional director at Entegrity. “Because the cost savings are guaranteed, the city now has a no-risk solution to improve its facilities, providing a positive impact on operating budgets.”

The savings from the project is expected to improve the city’s annual budget.

“This project is about serving the Eureka Springs citizens who elected us to look out for their best interests,” Berry said. “We will generate immediate savings to the city, provide greater independence and demonstrate our commitment to protecting the long-term environmental interests of our city.”

The solar project will provide the following benefits:
• Generate enough energy to offset the electricity use of nearly 60 houses annually;
• Reduce the need to burn more than 560,000 pounds of coal;
• Reduce the same amount of carbon in the atmosphere as 664 acres of forests; and
• Offset 1.26 million miles driven by a passenger vehicle in one year.

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