Greenway establishes new scholarships with Arkansas State University

by Talk Business & Politics staff ( 254 views 

Greenway Equipment has established an additional two scholarships in the Arkansas State University College of Agriculture. The scholarships were created following a commitment of $115,000 from Greenway, the second such commitment from the company since 2014, according to ASU.

The gift creates additional Greenway Agriculture Systems Technology Scholarships, along with additional Greenway Crop Production and Agronomic Services minor scholarships, and will be used in the recruitment of students to attend ASU and major in agriculture.

“Crop production in the Arkansas Delta is an increasingly complex undertaking,” said Dr. Timothy Burcham, dean for the College of Agriculture. “In addition to the traditional agronomic topics such as plants and soils, today’s agriculture graduates must be increasingly knowledgeable in the area of digital agriculture, which encompasses precision agriculture and data analytics. The Greenway scholarships allow our college to recruit outstanding students that will be educated to thrive in the data-centric world that is modern agriculture.”

The Greenway scholarships will assist ASU in attracting students with the math and science background necessary to be successful in the agriculture systems technology program, while providing low-income students better access to their educational and career goals, he said.

The Greenway Agriculture Systems Technology Scholarship, with a total of $10,000 awarded over four years ($8,000 from Greenway Scholarship Fund and $2,000 from the College of Agriculture endowments), will be awarded to incoming freshmen who plan to major in agriculture studies with an emphasis in agriculture systems technology.

Transfer students are also eligible for this scholarship and may be awarded up to $5,000. Students awarded the Greenway Crop Production and Agronomic Services minor scholarships will receive $1,500 upon successful completion of the first nine hours of minor course work, and up to $3,500 upon completion of all requirements for the minor.

The dean of the College of Agriculture will award the scholarships based on these criteria.