Sen. Cotton cool on Presidential endorsement, says bipartisan legislation possible in election year

by Roby Brock ([email protected]) 101 views 

U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton says he isn’t endorsing any GOP Presidential candidate at this time and has no timetable for making a decision. Cotton, R-Ark., said he wants to let the primary season play out and he’s confident that any of the Republican contenders can beat the eventual Democratic nominee in November.

“On the Republican side, any Republican would be a better President than either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. So I’m not yet endorsing anyone on the Republican side – our primary is still four weeks away in Arkansas – but I’m confident that any Republican would be a better President and a better Commander-in-Chief and I will strongly support the Republican nominee,” Cotton said in an interview that aired Sunday on Talk Business & Politics with Roby Brock.

When asked if he had a timetable for making a decision, Cotton said he did not.

“No timetable. We’ve only had one state so far to vote and there’s many more states to come. I think it’s important that our voters make this decision in the coming weeks,” he said.

Cotton was also asked which Democrat – Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders – would be a more preferred choice in the fall for Republicans.

“Well, if you’ve got a choice between two socialists, you might as well pick the one that’s a self-avowed socialist and has the courage of his convictions. That’s one reason why I think Bernie better represents the heart of the Democratic Party in Washington today,” Cotton said. “I think most Americans are looking for a change in direction from Barack Obama. It’s the Republican candidate who’s going to deliver that new direction.”

Cotton also discussed several issues taking place in Washington, D.C. He laid out his arguments for opposing legislation to alter federal sentencing guidelines. Cotton also said that despite 2016 being a Presidential election year, he saw the opportunity for bipartisan passage of two significant legislative efforts: sanctions against North Korea and job opportunities for veterans.

Watch his full interview below.

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