Investigation Launched Into Treasurer Dennis Milligan’s Campaign Activities

by KATV Channel 7 ([email protected]) 77 views 

Marine Glisovic with our content partner, KATV Ch. 7, reports:

An official investigation has been launched into Arkansas Treasurer Dennis Milligan’s campaign activities. On Thursday, the Arkansas Ethics Commission notified attorney and known political blogger, Matt Campbell, who filed the complaint.

After filing a complaint against Milligan last month that included 14 allegations, in the letter, the ethics commission said they’ll investigate 13 of those claims.

“Some of these allegations, there is really not an answer that is good for the Milligan camp either way,” said Campbell.

Claims against Milligan include misstating campaign expenditures and promising seven people jobs in exchange for campaign work.

“Ideally they complete their investigation and give him a probable cause hearing and kind of let it play out from there, I think there’s more than enough evidence to get to that point,” added Campbell.

Campbell adds that restoring integrity to the treasurer’s office is one of the reasons why he filed the complaint.

Milligan’s attorney, Byron Freeland, released this statement to Channel 7:

“There are extremely large numbers of erroneous factual statements. We are investigating the facts and will provide the ethics commission with an appropriate response.”

“There are emails that literally say, this money is coming to me but my name can’t appear on your campaign finance reports, so write it down as this…you know…that’s just…when it’s your own email that says that you did that it’s really hard to have evidence to counter that claims,” added Campbell.

Campbell said he expects the ethics commission could take several months before coming to a conclusion.

KATV did reach out to the commission, but by law they cannot confirm or deny if an investigation is even taking place.

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