Up With Bat Houses

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Sat, March 7, 10:00 AM and March 14, 10:00 AM


Learning Fields At Chaffee

we are having "LATE WINTER". our planed installation of the 6 bat houses, along the walking trails Near the LFCC has been adjusted. Due to very bad weather we will set the foundation post and prep the mounting post on 3/7/15. Setting the foundation post consist of digging the site holes about 48" deep, setting a 3"X5' SCH 40 PVC pipe, secured with cement and leveled. Sanding and painting the 6 sets of 2 1/2"X10' SCH 80 gray PVC and all PVC components. "That sounds like a days work". of course all is invited and welcome,and I quote "Many hands make light work" John Heyworth.
Heres praying for sunny weather on Mar 14, 2015, because this is when we will actually go up with bat houses. The Fort Smith area BSA, members will assist with this endaevor, mounting and raising the 6 bat houses into our preset foundation. And placing the bat houses to face the correct direction we will secure them, and wait (with bated breaths) for the bats to take up residents in their warm weather habitats. Again all is welcome.  
Look for up dates on; Facebook, g+, and <www.learningfieldsatcc.org>  about our new Pollinator Conservation Habitat, at LFCC. 
And message us at [email protected]