Tolbert: Former Huckabee Communications Director Alice Stewart Ending Radio Show

by Jason Tolbert ([email protected]) 167 views 

Local politico Alice Stewart has built a great morning talk radio show on 96.5 FM. Her show definitely has a conservative bent, but she brings on political leaders and newsmakers from across the spectrum to give an enjoyable morning commute, especially for those of us who like to follow state politics.

But alas, all good things must eventually come to an end. An email last week alerts me that December 31 will be her last show.

“I have really enjoyed hosting a daily radio show. We worked hard to make it a show where people from all viewpoints could join in a respectful conversation,” Stewart tells me.

Of course as Huckabee’s former communications director, both when he was Arkansas governor and in his 2008 Presidential campaign, I had to ask what exactly her future plans are.

“I was committed to focusing on the show through the midterms. It’s now time to focus on my consulting work, which I am really looking forward to,” says Stewart.

It certainly would not surprise anyone to see Stewart pop up on one of the Presidential campaigns. In 2012, she worked on Michele Bachmann’s Presidential campaign and later on Rick Santorum’s campaign. But if Huckabee does get in to the 2016 race, I would certainly look for her to be on his team.

Will he? I am hearing increased chatter from Huckabee folks that it looks that way.

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