Car-Mart opens dealership No. 121

by The City Wire staff ( 7 views 

America's Car-Mart Inc. announced the opening of dealership No. 121 that is located in Harrisonville, Mo.

"Harrisonville is our 16th location in Missouri and our seventh new dealership for this fiscal year. We have a proud history and a bright future and our plans are to continue to expand our business to more cities like Harrisonville as we grow," said Hank Henderson, president and CEO of America's Car-Mart. "We feel confident that we will have at least three more new lot openings prior to our April 30 year end which will put us at ten for the year."

Car-Mart is growing its dealership base by 10% annually with more than 57,000 active customers to date.

The Bentonville-based buy here, pay here dealer recently reported a 15% increase in net profits earning $8 million in net income in the quarter ending Jan. 31.