Hog fans find fun in the pain of defeat

by The City Wire staff ([email protected]) 87 views 

Merely a week after the bewildering defeat suffered by Arkansas during the Alabama game, the autumn sun shone down on crowd after crowd of Razorback fans walking toward the Donald W. Reynolds Stadium.

They passed local restaurants with Hog flags proudly displayed and boutiques whose window displays exhibited antique Razorback paraphernalia and the more recent additions of mannequins sporting shirts with the phrases of “we still believe” emblazoned on them.

The Hog spirit was obviously renewed as families turned out in droves, filling the stadium nearly to the brim.

The team may have lost to Rutgers with the final score of 35-26, but that is not to say they went down without a fight. Receiver Cobi Hamilton set a school record and an SEC single-game record for receiving yards with his 303.

Still, fans’ pride took a hit.

“I’ve enjoyed better games,” said fan Travis Hawkins, who viewed the game with his father. “My favorite Razorback moment is winning.”

Social media streams bore cries of “At this point, I’d take Houston Nutt back!” and “I wish I didn’t love hog football so much. #disappointed.”

With one week before a game against Texas A&M, fans are hoping for a “reset” to help the Hogs get back on track.