NanoMech wins innovation honor

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SPRINGDALE  — NanoMech was tagged the 2012 Top Emerging Nano Innovator by the NanoBusiness Commercialization Association (NanoBCA)

"We are very proud of this recognition," said Jim Phillips, NanoMech Chairman and CEO. "The breakthrough technologies the NanoMech team has developed have led to this tremendous honor for our family of loyal employees and very supportive investors. NanoMech is focused on innovating by applying breakthrough novel science into "must-have" products bringing immediate and drastic improvement into existing major markets."

NanoBCA is the industry's top trade organization dedicated to promoting the advancement and commercialization of nanotechnology while helping companies bring affordable, life-improving nanotech products to the market. 
"We are very proud to single NanoMech out of the vast field of up and coming emerging nanotechnology companies in America. NanoMech is a clear leader in converting massive brainpower and applied research to market-ready products that will disrupt huge companies overnight in the energy and manufacturing sectors, bringing immediate efficiency and performance improvements to these global industries! They are clearly a company to watch and at the top of our list," said Vincent Caprio, CEO the trade group.

Dr. Ajay P. Malshe, founder of NanoMech said, "In 2012 NanoMech commercialized two nanoengineered product platforms never achieved before. TriboTuff is a nano-inspired industrial lubricant which reduces friction (to near zero). Our second nanotechnology platform of products is TuffTek coated cutting tool inserts and wear parts made of carbides, metals and ceramics. TuffTek radically transforms surfaces with nano-engineered coating solutions, that increase the life of cutting tools and wear parts by as much as 1000% while enhancing their performance and sustainability."

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