Introductions and protein

by The City Wire staff ([email protected]) 87 views 

FAYETTEVILLE — Clearly, there should be security rules about having so many Arkansas decision-makers gathered in one place.

A reception and buffet dinner at dusk Wednesday (April 11) at the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks brought together the state’s highway, economic development and tourism leaders.

To name all involved is a mouthful. The affair was hosted by the Northwest Arkansas Chambers of Commerce and the Northwest Arkansas Council for members of the Arkansas State Parks, Recreation and Travel Commission, the Arkansas Economic Development Commission and the Arkansas Highway Commission.

“My goodness, who’s left to run state government?” quipped University of Arkansas Chancellor G. David Gearhart, who led a short program.

Today (April 12), the three groups met for the first time together at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. (Link here for the story on the Thursday meeting.)
Organizers called it “historic,” and it was in the sense that the three groups had never he met together before. But you’d never be able to tell by the way they interacted with each other, all hugs and handshakes. Good things were expected to come from it.

“Each agency here tonight does great work with the resources its given,” said Gearhart. “Today and tomorrow, you’re going to be discussing what you can accomplish even more efficiently and effectively by working together.”