Dan Skoff wannabes welcome

by The City Wire staff ([email protected]) 79 views 

Want to chase a storm? Learn how to get away from one?

Just in time for the scary weather season, the School of Continuing Education and Academic Outreach is offering a comprehensive course on weather and geosciences beginning Tuesday (Feb. 14) at the University of Arkansas Global Campus, on the corner of the Fayetteville Square.

The $39 cost doesn’t seem like too much to pay to learn about the causes of severe weather and what you can do to stay safe. The class has three sessions: Storm Spotting Safety — how to spot a tornado and stay safe in the process; Geosciences — tsunamis, earthquakes and why animals can sense earthquakes; and what causes Northern Lights.

Sessions are 10 a.m. until noon Feb. 14, Feb. 21 and Feb. 28. More at (479) 575-4545.

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