Your city government in action

Nope, this isn't a complaint post. It's an opportunity for citizens to actually PARTICIPATE in Fort Smith government. Learn more about how stuff works and make a difference in our community. 

All three City of Fort Smith Citizens Academies are accepting applications for the Spring 2008 series of classes. 

academies programs are a great way for citizens to immerse themselves
and experience various facets of city government. We have great
participation from YEL members and are looking forward to getting lots
of applications this time around.


Citizens Academy Thursdays March 6 – May 22
Citizens Fire Academy Mondays March 31 – May 19
Citizens Police Academy Thursdays March 6 – May 22


Information about each academy is located here.
For the first time, we've combined all three applications so that
interested citizens only need to fill out one form one time. A pdf
version of the application is here

few communities across the country have Citizens Academies — several
have Citizens Police Academies, and Little Rock launched a Citizens
Academy last fall — based on the success of Fort Smith's program.
However, we haven't found a single community in Arkansas — or anywhere
else in the nation — that hosts THREE citizens academies twice a year. 

program is the ULTIMATE in putting yourself on the inside of what makes
your city government tick — and what it's like to respond to


I PROMISE you'll have a BLAST!