What is Really in My Lungs?

I'm back at MD Anderson to have a biopsy of the tumors in my lungs.  My oncologist isn't totally convinced the tumors are cancer.  Wow…how great would that be!  To find out for sure, I will have  a bronchoscopy.  Being curious about how a bronchoscopy is performed, I found a video online.  Oh my goodness!!!  They will run a tube up my nose, down my throat, and into my lungs.  Sounds fun right??  Check back later this week and I will share the full details of the experience.

Before I have the roto rooter experience, I have to have a CT scan.  I have had one of those.  For that test, I have to drink a bunch of chalky stuff.  Gag!  

Actually, I feel pretty blessed.  Modern medicine practiced by a bunch of smart people who have dedicated their life's work to helping others motivates me to suck it up and do my part as a patient.