What Does Character, Subpoenas, Depositions & Anniversaries Have In Common?

The Prepared Food Tax.  June 6th will be the 3rd anniversary of Fort Smith's city administrator using police in big black SUVs to deliver subpoenas to 32 good, decent folks during his attempt to force a 1% Prepared Food Tax onto the people of Fort Smith without the people having a voice.  The police delivered the subpoenas to the 32 upstanding citizens in front of their families and their neighbors.  The only thing these 32 people were guilty of, was collecting names on petitions for the right to vote and overturn the forced 1% tax the city administrator was forcing onto the community.  The local media for some reason didn't cover the story, but it is a real, factual event.  These people were herded downtown like sheep by these subpoenas to city attorney's office, Jerry Canfield, for depositions about their role in the petition drive.  The board of directors sat quietly, allowing the abuse of these fine citizens, whom they supposedly represent.  There never was an apology to these 32 people, but maybe it was because they were just ordinary, hardworking, productive taxpayers?  What does this event say about character, about leadership?  Will this ever take place again?   Is it a form of bullying?  I know in our public schools bullying is not permitted at all, zero tolerance.  Personally, I would like thank these citizens for taking a stand 3 years ago for their right to be heard on taxation.