The Writers’ Colony

For years, I’ve dreamed of writing a book.  So when the flyer landed in my in-box seeking publicity from The City Wire for a writing workshop at The Writer’s Colony of Dairy Hollow, I immediately replied and registered to attend.

As the time drew closer to go, my excitement grew.  I was going to spend a full day with an author of forty books and several other cancer survivors who also enjoy writing.  Then the negative thoughts of self-doubt that had kept me from following my dream and writing that book crept into my mind.  Who did I think I was to believe that I even had the talent to write a book and who in the heck would ever care to read it?

Determined to go and see if I might have what it takes…or not, I mustered up the courage and journeyed alone to one of my favorite towns Eureka Springs, AR.  I am so glad I did!

The other ladies were delightful.  Within minutes, I felt right at home and safe to explore the possibility of stringing words together worth reading. 

Nationally known author and creative writing coach, Laura Parker-Castoro, lead the afternoon writing exercises.  She delivered insight and inspiration just before giving a topic that we had ten minutes to write about.  Then we each had to read our prose out loud.  No pressure, right?  Actually, once I started writing the first one, I found it fun and easy.  I loved it.  The net result of the day – I learned that we all have a story to tell. 

Writing a book is a dream that only I can make come true so I need to get started.  Tick Tock!!



Spring brings light and brightness to the dark overcast shadow of winter.  Spring ushers in a fresh growing season for plants and the human spirit if we allow the sunshine into our soul. 

Trees bud, grass returns to green and flowers bloom.  The new growth coming from what appears to be dead gives me hope.  I am alive even when I feel unsure of how many more springs I will see.  I am alive even though I have cancer.

Don’t count me out.   Spring is here and I am about to blossom.


As I laid on the floor unable to champion a full three minutes of a plank series, I looked at the ladies in my barre class and wondered if any of them had swallowed poison as I had this morning.  A daily dose of chemo is killing the cancer but the side effects are sometimes challenging.

The most private side effect affects my bowel movements.  Some days I am regular but with each chemo pill I swallow it seems like I vacillate between being constipated or having diarrhea. From day to day or hour to hour I never know which bowel battle I might experience.  

Here is my advice for people who worry with unpredictable bowel related activities:   1. Allow extra time in your schedule   2. Never run out of toilet paper   3. Laugh all the way to the bathroom because let’s face it, $#!? happens to all of us.

NOTE:  From these two writing samples, you can see that my book will try to inspire hope, will not be boring and in fact at times could be shocking.