The Voting System Sucks

I read Brandans post on philosophical integrity and then ran across this article on why our voting system sucks.  Both articles miss that most people ini the country are ignorant and proud of it.  It is not "cool" to be an informed person, and it IS cool to be a carefree moron that wants to "save our freedoms and protect our rights" but at the same time, wants to restrict protesting on the capital steps (watch Penn and Teller Bullshit sometime – they had people that actually said that).

These are the same people that are happy that there is a law preventing others from parking cars in the front yard, but if the government wanted to pass a law against Christmas wreaths on the front door would be all up in arms.  The simple fact is, the govt should not be involved in either.

I just hope like hell that I can keep my sofa in my front yard.  They really should pass a law against pine tress in yards, though.