The Fort Smith Experience Part 10

"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.  Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."  ~ Roald Dahl

In part 8 I mentioned that when my friends, that did not live in Fort Smith, would ask me about Fort Smith, I would tell them, among other things,  that Fort Smith was a city that obviously had many secrets to protect.  I said this because I had observed that the overall communication level of the city was noticeably restricted in comparison to other, much larger, cities that I had lived in.  I do realize that had I not lived in the different cities that I have and experienced such free flowing and abundant communication, that appeared to be an inherent characteristic of these cities, and had those experiences to compare to, I highly doubt that I would have even had a thought or care about how communication operates in Fort Smith.

So how did my observation that Fort Smith's communication is markedly restricted (comparatively speaking),  get translated into my concluding that Fort Smith has lots of secrets?  Well, based upon my own observations and experience, I have found the unscientific corollary that the number of contradictions present is proportional to the number of secrets present, is more reliable than not. Fort Smith, in my opinion, is a city abundant in contradictions.  Furthermore, in the presence of secrets, there is always some degree of paranoia that will eventually arrive on the scene. I have observed, over the years since my return to Fort Smith, a condition that I interpret as paranoia, being continually demonstrated in a diversity of ways in Fort Smith's obvious trepidation with regards to becoming a progressive and modern city. Finally, and this is beyond what I am able to articulate with any satisfaction as it goes beyond the limitations of basic five sense perception and is therefore an intuitive awareness…but, I'm just saying, if one is paying close attention as they interact with the city overall, they will recognize that there is something hiding beyond the limitations of what the body's eyes and ears are capable of perceiving (those tiny hairs aren't rising up on the back of your neck for no good reason). In other words, even though it appears that there is nothing to be seen beyond what is being seen, a person can 'sense' that there is definitely something hiding in the shadows and, in Fort Smith's case, this 'something' is not benevolent.  It's sinister.  But, that's the nature and potential liability of something being kept a secret isn't it? Even when what is being kept secret begins its secrecy in a seeming circumstance of innocence, the instant it is put into secrecy, it begins to devolve into something dark and sinister and grow in its potential to cause unintended and harmful results. 

Although it has obvious inherent liabilities, secrecy is a protection device that we all use.  At a very early age we learn to use secrets to protect ourselves, others or something from whatever we believe would compromise or harm us or them or it if, what we're keeping secret, is found out.  In our decision to make something a secret we also, consciously or unconsciously, assign to it a degree of importance in proportion to the degree of harm that we believe would occur if what we're keeping secret is revealed.  The importance we assign to a secret is the primary determining factor in how far we will go and what means we will be willing to incorporate, in order to protect it. 

Secrets directly relate to survival. Secrets can be used to get and keep the "upper hand."  A person or group that has secrets will believe that they are, in some way, gaining in survival potential by keeping their secrets. Every negative belief system includes the keeping of secrets as a key part in its system of self-preservation. That being noted, considering that the world we reside in appears to be dominated by negative belief systems, the extant layers upon layers upon layers, and the myriad upon myriad upon myriad of secrets in our midst is truly inconceivable!  On this planet, humanity is eye ball deep in its secrets.

When we decide to make something secret we separate it out from the mainstream of perception and then pretend it's not there. In other words, we just shut up about it and do whatever is necessary to make sure that it doesn't ever show up on someone's discussion table. Sometimes, though, keeping one's mouth shut is not enough.  Unpredicted variables surface and It is decided that the secret requires more protection.  In this case, the secret holder will erect a veil or layers of veils between the secret and what they're protecting it from in order to keep it hidden. The veils the secret holders erect are pure illusory stories (lies) or blends of illusory and what's factual.  When we separate what we're keeping a secret out from the mainstream, a void is created.  The story or stories we fabricate fill this void so that no one notices that there's something missing.  The stories we fabricate are, as we all know (because everyone has some degree of proficiency in secrets), quite varied.  Some stories are designed to confuse and bewilder, others are designed to misdirect, some are designed to amaze and awe, others are designed to repel by their grossness, some are designed to frighten and so on.  Some are ingeniously clever and creative while some are unbelievably moronic.  But, whatever the stories are designed to do specifically, whether they be creative or not,  they are all born from the desire to serve the primary purpose of keeping the secret protected from discovery.

Having a relationship with a person or group entity that is keeping lots of secrets or even just one secret, but one that is considered to be incredibly important, is at best precarious and at worst a guarantee of physical and emotional suffering and/or death. This is so because it is inevitable that at some point in the relationship, something will be said or done that, while being totally innocent, will be misinterpreted by the secret holder in such a way that the secret holder becomes suspicious and begins to wonder if their secret has been compromised.  As the tiniest suspicion can easily develop into a state of paranoia in the mind of the secret holder, what was a completely innocent yet misinterpreted act, can quickly escalate into a very dangerous situation because of what is being imagined by the secret holder. Here is where the secret holder might think it necessary, in order to protect the secret, to begin overtly or covertly attacking the person whose innocent act was misinterpreted.   And here is where how important the secret is to the secret holder and what the secret holder is willing to do to protect it becomes critical.  Of course, though, the person who has had their innocent actions misinterpreted, is oblivious to what has been set into motion.

Many relationships become incredibly strained and/or completely disintegrate because a secret or secrets were perceived, by a party in the relationship, to be in jeopardy.  And it is not uncommon in a world so full of so many secrets that people come to some degree of emotional or physical harm, or even bodily death, because they, either innocently or purposefully, asked the 'wrong' question or asked too many questions too often.  It is no wonder why we are not all that willing to go looking around into the shadows is it?  But, looking into the shadows and exposing what's hiding there to the light is what we must do if we want to move forward into a better quality of life.  Otherwise, what's hiding in the darkness (the unconsciousness), will not only persist unabated, but will continue to grow in its power to pervert and sabotage every well intentioned thought, idea, plan or action that comes into being.  Thus, we get a circumstance where we move one step forward and three steps back, then four steps back, then five steps back and so on and on until we find ourselves, once again, in a dark age.



As we continue to linger in the fringes of the blackness that lies at the core of Fort Smith, we can speculate that the composition of this foreboding view before us is the many secrets that the city has been hiding and protecting for so very long. That said, there is more to be said about secrets in part 11.

a pilgrim