Thanks To Phil Merry For His Leadership

It is refreshing to have a director like Phil Merry who tried to create a more “citizen friendly” animal control ordinance without all the heavy fines some other directors were supporting.
Still, it is odd that so many want to pile on Phil for trying to do the right thing for the “citizens” of this great city.  You didn’t see this type of negative reaction when the directors voted to take $2.1 million from the same water & sewer fund that had been the recipient of 3 rate increases within 4 years only to turn around and use those same funds to provide utilities for downtown riverfront property.  The only folks who own downtown riverfront property are Richard Griffin and Benny Westphal, (60 acres+/- in one name or another),both very capable of providing utilities to their property themselves.
Where were all those folks when the directors approved the massive $271.4 million 2013 budget, which is twice the size of Fayetteville’s 2013 budget of $134.8 million.
Why didn’t these folks cry out when they saw our combined city administrator/mayor offices budget for 2013 of $919,470 compared to Fayetteville’s mayors office of $335,470 that includes staff.  You see, Fayetteville has a mayor/council form of government, where the mayor is “the man” calling the shots and is accountable to the voters….how cool is that!
Why didn’t these folks cry out about the large 2013 budgets at the FSPD and the FSFD, both totaling $30,987,450 compared to Fayetteville’s police and Fire at $21,354,738. I mean FS is approximately 10% larger than Fayetteville, yet our PD and FD is not 10%, not 20%, not even 30%, but our 2013 budget is 48% larger than Fayetteville’s Fire and police departments total budgets for 2013  
The animal control ordinance is by no means equal to the massive $271.4 million budget just passed, but it may be a sign of future leadership in representing the people.