Telling it like it is… I mean was

Have you sent out your Christmas cards already? It takes me several shopping trips to find the perfect cards to send, then I do a Christmas Letter to include in the card. I know what you are thinking…."I HATE those!" But there are different kinds of Christmas letters.

There's the one that comes from your third cousin twice removed that tells everything that happened from New Year's Day 12:01 AM to December 31st the stroke of midnight! She documents hair appointments, when the dog ate the contents of the bathroom garbage (don't even ask) and tells about every illness they had the entire year.

Then there's the braggy one… they tell you where they went and it's always fabulous vacations to far away islands or magical destinations. Never to like Branson and you got to see the Andy Williams Show. All of their kids are overachievers and made the honor roll the whole year. They are all involved in awareness programs and give up meat during the whole month of November so that a turkey can be saved.

Lastly is my category. I write a feel good letter. No bad news allowed, almost fantasy except it really happened. I try to write down a childhood memory every year. The ones on my list know by now that I'm not going to tell them where we've been, or what we bought or how smart my GRANDsons are. Well….I may mention once or twice how good lookin' they are but no big bragging allowed. I don't talk about politics or the economy or anything that's depressing. If you know me then you already know what's been going on in my life so I don't re-hash that. I limit it to one page so it doesn't take longer than 3 minutes to read, 2 if you are fast reader! So here's this year's letter…