Smart Meters and Microwave Ovens and AGENT ORANGE

Well for the nay sayers out there, have you heard of the new facts surrounding the safety of using a Microwave Oven, GUESS WHAT!!!!! OG&E's SMART METERS USE THE SAME FREQUENCY! laugh now but when your children's babies start being born blind, one eye, 1 lung, brain cancer, etc…… the health issues are numerous, oh and when you move to Fort Chaffee, and your children are born with 6 fingers, 3 breasts, colon cancel etc. maybe you will remember my Warnings, and before you start calling me NUTS or CRAZY, why don't you ask to meet with me and let me show you FACTS that your own Government want's to hide from you! I doubt if anyone has the Mentality to Comprehend Logic, Proof, and Facts, but if you do I welcome the Opportunity to show you the records I have. 479-285-1035