Selfish? Irresponsible? Micromanager? REALLY???

Let’s take a look at some real MICROMANAGING, shall we…the last BOD meeting director Kevin Settle threw a little tantrum to the point of demeaning other directors, while making an absurd motion to table what should have been a simple vote to approve the winning competitive bidder for the city’s uniform supply service contract.  One would have to question, why is Kevin Settle MICROMANAGING this contract so close?   It was a simple choice… HONOR the lowest bidder.  Uniform supply service isn’t rocket science!! And the city can cancel the contract with a 30 day notice for non-performance.
And this isn’t the first time Kevin Settle didn’t HONOR competitive bidding.  When over 70% of the residents who returned surveys were satisfied with Altes Sanitation, Kevin steered the city right into forced “city only” trash pickup, but he was fully supportive of the “city only” all automated or all manual ballot issue.   Shouldn’t the city support and encourage a strong private sector?   And one must ask, what is the role of the local Chamber of Commerce?  Should the local Chamber encourage and support a strong, competitive private sector, or support and encourage a large expanding city government at the expense of the private sector?
And what is with the hardworking taxpayers enduring 3 water rate increases within a 4 year period, only to have the city take $2.1 million from that same fund to provide utilities to the downtown riverfront property?  The only owners of downtown riverfront property are Benny Westphal and Richard Griffin, who together own 60 acres+/- in one name or another and can well afford to provide utilities to their property if so desired.
And what is with the forgiving of over $100,000 to Lend A Hand, when Barlee Properties has enjoyed rental income along with appreciation over the past 10 years?  And is Barlee Properties really Buddy Coleman or is it First National Bank?  We never were made clear on that?
Then the taxpayers are forced to pay $800,000 for the failing Second Street Live after several elite board members decided to walk away from their debt obligations.
Then we have over $700,000 of late water trueup payments that would still be a mystery if a citizen hadn’t found out about them, but still ended up costing the taxpayers of this great city $153,000 due to late billing on such.  Then the forcing of the taxpayers to lease and operate a privately owned Ferris wheel.
All this giving and forgiving of taxpayer’s money reminds me of a hog trough.  Have you ever noticed how those hogs push the farmer out of the way to get to the feed.  Well, the average, hardworking taxpayers are being forced aside as too many non-essential hogs, feed at the trough of public money.    According to our 2013 budget our city government costs each person in the city $3,172 a year, Fayetteville costs is $1,748 per person and Jonesboro cost $1,007 per person.  And we wonder why our best young folks don’t return?