Ray Gosack Sends Out Mass Email To Employees

City Administrator Ray Gosack sends out a mass email to all 900 city employees enforcing the proper protocol for employees voicing concerns.
Apparently, there have been employees contacting board of directors about certain concerns within their immediate departments these employees felt weren't being heard or acted on by supervisors.
Ray stated in the article, "these actions are contrary to the city's policies, and undermine the form of government which Fort Smith voters have had in place for more than 45 years."
Maybe I'm misinterpreting something, but if a city employee had  legitimate concerns and voiced those concerns to a supervisor and nothing was being done, wouldn't that city employee have a right as a Fort Smith taxpayer to feel free to voice their concern to a board member?
Do these city employees give up their rights as Fort Smith taxpayers because they are employed by the city?   If the board of directors are voted in by the people to represent them, does that exclude city employees?  Shouldn’t a city employee feel free to approach any board of director and be fully protected by those board of directors without the fear of any retaliation by city management?