Purpose Driven

Each October, I am haunted not by the Halloween costumes and spooky events but by my birthday.

It is with dread that I face my birthday.  I don’t hate having to share my age or staring at my face in the mirror in search of a new wrinkle.  Actually, I am very grateful for the opportunity to advance towards old age.  As for wrinkles, mine have developed mainly from the millions of smiles I’ve shared with so so many people.   Aging isn’t all bad.

My dread is rooted in my life long practice of measuring myself compared to what I believe is my life purpose.  My entire birthday month, I take inventory on what I have accomplished and what I think I am called to do in the coming year.  Most people make resolutions at the first of the new calendar year.  I make mine on my birthday.  God gave me a life for a purpose and I take that birthday gift very seriously.

This year, my belief that I was born to inspire, encourage, love and laugh was confirmed through the multitude of messages received from family and friends.  Thank you all for confirming that I am on track.  Of course, I’m not perfect so I hope to get another twenty-five years to work on being the best I was meant to be.

So as I continue to focus on my life's purpose this next year, I will strive to:

• Deliver inspiration through public speaking and writing. 

• Encourage people especially kids to reach for the stars, believe in themselves, work hard, and make their dreams come true.

• Tell people that I love them.  Give out hugs frequently.  Sacrifice for the ones I love.  Celebrate love and life.

• Laugh out loud daily!  And by example give people permission to have fun!!! 

I pray that my life's legacy will be showcased on the faces I lace with smiles and that my burning desire to make a difference ignites a similar flame within souls I am privileged to touch. 

We only have one life.  Don’t be lazy!  Get out there and live your purpose. Trust me. You will be a more fulfilled happier person when you are living according to the divine plan for your life.  I have cancer and I have joy.  My joy sticks with me because I have purpose.  Now you know my secret.

Tick Tock