Linda Spradlin’s “Ask A Pro”

QUESTION:  What is my home worth in today's market?


Your home has many values:  one to the Tax Assessor, others to your Lender and Insurance Company and yet another value to you, the owner.  It also has different values to prospective buyers; depending on their needs, desires and financial resources.

The best price obtainable at any given time can only be determined by thoroughly and aggressively TESTING THE MARKET.  In the final analysis, the market dictates value, based on current conditions, the current supply of buyers and the current competition. The listing price you select will be at least an estimate of what you think those "TEST RESULTS" are likely to be once your home is placed on the market.  The listing price should be based on comparison of properties now on the market which are competing for the attention of those buyers.  In addition, houses that have recently sold and those that were on the market and did not sell should also be examined.  These properties will tell you what past buyers were and were not willing to pay.

In conclusion, the BEST PRICE OBTAINABLE for your home will ultimately be determined by the market.  It is highly unlikely that a buyer will pay more for your property than would have to be paid for a similar property with like amenities and features.  All other considerations aside, houses that do not meet the current competition in price and terms SIMPLY DO NOT SELL.  In fact, they may even help sell the COMPETITION.  Call ASSURANCE REALTY for a FREE MARKET ANALYSIS of your home with no obligation.