Latest Survey Results!!!!!!!

Hey Guys and Gals, here are the latest numbers from my survey about the survey:


1. The Fort Smith Chamber of Commerce is working on economic development for the region. What is the best way to attract and keep new businesses to the area?

  • Conduct a survey among local residents about the region 5.3%
  • Hire a consultant to write a report 0.0%
  • Actually do the work to attract companies 94.7%

2. If you selected "Conduct a survey…" what would be the best way to go about this?

  • Hire a consultant to write the survey questions 12.5%
  • Conduct a survey to see if the region needs a survey 25.0%
  • Hire a consultant to hire a firm to write a report on how to conduct a survey 12.5%
  • Have a monkey scribble questions down to create the report 50.0%

3. If you answered "Hire a Consultant to write a report", what should the city and chamber do with the report?

  • Tell everyone how great the report is 11.1%
  • Put the report in a back closet 11.1%
  • Ignore the report and the consultants analysis 11.1%
  • Hire another consultant to make another report 88.9%

4. If you answered "actually do economic development work", which of the following best describe your feelings on this subject:

  • Wait! We don’t have a survey! 0.0%
  • Wait! Shouldn’t we hire a consultant first! 0.0%
  • Why should we do that? 11.1%
  • Screw it, lets go drinking instead. 88.9%

I think I will close it the end of the week, so vote now!

Thanks, City Wire!