Kick in the Butt

I have one friend who really pushes me. Kelly Cruise

It is good to know I have a friend who loves me as she is kicking my butt.  Kelly pushes me to reach for what would seem like impossible stars.  She insists that I continue being the warrior that wins over and over again.  Kelly believes me to be the warrior that causes others to learn how to champion their battles in life with grace and humor.  Her encouragement drives me, gives me ideas and energy.  Kelly convinces me to go for it as I do my best for others.

For the past 20 years, Kelly has been my friend who would bust up in my space when she could tell  that my battle battery was getting weak.  She would give it to me straight and strong.  Kelly will not come up for air until she knows she has me turned around happy and determined to continue overcoming life difficulties. 

I need that kick in the butt from time to time.  I don't always initially like it but I do appreciate Kelly for pouring her strength in to me.  To be honest, I'm not one to be pushed but Kelly can and I am better for her effort to move me from giving up to going to the next level of achievement.  Kelly believes in me and my talent to make magic happen for people who need a dose of inspiration, humor, and hope.  I trust her wisdom and I know she has my best interest at heart. So here goes, I am going to do the work to reach a goal that has laid dormant within by soul thanks to Kelly's push and contagious enthusiasm!

Spring is here and we have decided that is the time for Kelly to partner with me as I work to realize a dream.  She will stretch me, challenge me and encourage me.  Spring is the growing season for plants and the human spirit.  If I allow the sunshine into my soul and be willing to dig deep inside my feelings that may generate emotional storms and tears, I believe a stronger me will grow and I will have even more insight to offer to others who journey through life's opportunity and challenges.  I can't be afraid to go deep or be pruned.  It is necessary to gain the maximum benefit of this season of my life.

Trees bud, grass returns to green and flowers bloom.  The new growth coming from what appears to be dead gives me hope.  I am alive even when I feel unsure of how many more springs I will see.  I am alive every day even though I have cancer. 

Don’t count me out.  Spring is here. This season I will go deep and I know I'm about to blossom like never before.   Kelly will make sure of it!  Tick Tock.