Interact with us, please…

Last Saturday morning, I tooled around what I consider "my" little two square mile area of town. "My" because it’s my neighborhood.

Saturday routines typically include:

  1. Sweet Bay at the Park
  2. Main library
  3. Oak Cemetery (I visit a friend – weird relationship, yes.) 😉
  4. Hunts Park (the boys of autumn are fun to watch from the bluff at the cemetery)
  5. Creekmore Park

As I enjoyed my routine, I realized lots of other people include these places as part of THEIR routines.

So I ask you to do a few of things on the remaining autumn afternoons in Fort Smith:

  1. Think about what you ENJOY about places you encounter as part of your normal routines
  2. Think about how the places make you feel – comfortable, happy, nostalgic? Whatever
  3. Tell us what attributes make these places special to you