If All the Allegations of Overbilling, Overpaying & Lying Are True…..

If all the allegations of overbilling by the city attorney's office, the overpaying by the city and the allegations that Jerry Canfield lied about such are all proven to be true, what's next?  Will there be resignations?  Will there be prosecutions?  Will all this bring about a more transparent form of city government in Fort Smith?  Will the idea of more elected positions catch on and replace appointed positions?  Will Fort Smith then decide to follow other nearby growth cities and have an elected CEO type mayor, an elected city attorney, an elected city clerk and possibly more?  It is the belief, elected people are more accountable to the people, the voters.  The public's trust requires nothing less than integrity, accountability and transparency from city hall.  The process to change a form of city government can begin with 2800 signatures from Fort Smith voters.