I Get Knocked Down…..

…but I get up again.  

You’re never going to keep me down! 

You’ve heard this song.  The real song lyrics are about a guy that gets drunk and dwells on the past.  When I sing these words, it is more like a battle cry.  I am verbalizing a determined attitude I developed during my first time fighting breast cancer in 2005. 

When you battle any disease or disappointment, if you don’t get a warrior mindset, well you will get knocked down and I fear you will not get up again. Instead, you will waller in self-pity.  And where is the fun in that? 

When I was told that I had cancer, I got knocked down.  It was hard to get up again.  But I did.

Taking eight rounds of intravenous chemotherapy is like signing up for the flu eight times.  I got knocked down big time two days after each treatment then over the next few days I would rally towards a return to feeling normal.  When I got up again, I walked outside.  I walked at least 30 minutes almost every day during my 16 weeks of treatment.  I wasn’t going to stay down.

After chemo, I enjoyed 30 days of no treatment.  This was just enough time to regain strength needed to face my mastectomy.  I got knocked down during surgery but I got up again!  A week later I was walking in the Race for the Cure.

Radiation therapy gradually knocks you down.  I exercised several days a week but at the end of 25 treatments all I wanted to do was sit down.  I was so tired.   I gave myself a few days of grace then I got up again.

Treatment, medicine, surgeries, nausea, pain, fear, dizziness, headaches, mouth sores, and staph infection all knocked me down…briefly. But I fought to get up again.  The more I fight breast cancer the better equipped I become to face the next phase of this life long war.  

I choose to live life victorious no matter my immediate circumstances.

So you get the point.  Life knocks us all down.  When you get knocked down, will you get up again?  Be a fighter!  Jump up and say,…… "You’re never going to keep me down!"  Tick Tock