Fort Smith House Plans

A lot of the time people who are looking to build a new home walk through a home in a local neighborhood and they really like the layout. We at Kissinger's Custom Plans have that feedback from several people each month regarding the homes in the new Williamson Place addition on Hwy 71 South in Fort Smith.


In addition to that, we design a lot of residential house plans that are currently being built by quality builders and developers in lot of local neighborhoods, including:


Glacier Bay in Barling, Maple Ridge, Forrest Hills, Ashebury Cove, Ashebury Pointe in Greenwood, Williamson Place, Riley Farm, Blackstone Ranch, and others…


If you need a well thought out, budget conscience custom house plan, or would like to modify a plan that we have, please contact Kissinger's Custom Plans at 479-431-4183.