Don’t Be Afraid

Life is all about the relationships you make. 

While you have breath in your body, I encourage you to build strong relationships.  Don't be afraid. 

My life has been a progression of connections made.  From early childhood, I had a deep desire to impact the lives of people especially the ones who just needed a friend. 

Relationship cultivation is much like courtship.  If you are to have a solid relationship, it takes time laced with all kinds of experiences aka – “dates” both good and bad.  During that time test, your character shines through – good or bad.

I have acres of friends all across the country.  Digitally, I am able to stay connected with my Facebook friends, prayer partners, and visitors to my Tick Tock blog on TCW and MDA Cancerwise blog.   I share life and enjoy friendships everyday all day long.

Enjoying a multitude of relationships helps me as I battle breast cancer.  Hopefully, my willingness to share this crazy cancer journey helps others, too.

I was born in a long time ago and I will die – only God knows when but the dash on my tombstone between the year I was born and the year I die will represent a life lived large enriched by relationships.

Here is my secret to formulating deep long lasting mutually beneficial relationships:
1.   Be willing
2.   Be friendly … smile
3.   Be authenticity
4.   Be vulnerable
5.   Be credible
6.   Be a good communicator
7.   Be respectful
8.   Be willing to face & resolve conflict
9.   Be fun
10. Be there!  Good times or bad

Don’t allow fear to creep into your soul. 

Fear will force you to wear a mask that keeps you from being authentic. 

Fear will hold you back from letting others know your insecurities and weaknesses.

We all seek to be deeply loved.  Risking your heart is scary.

But if the fear of exposure, rejection and of being hurt…again…. overrides your courage to be authentic, then you will avoid:
• People
• Decisions
• Responsibilities
• Joy

Why do we need to need to face the fear of cultivating relationships?

Because if you just ride the loop alone, you might miss the adventure.  You will miss out on the fullness of life.  You might even miss out on your real purpose in life.  And your dash will be just a line between the year you were born and the year you die.

Tick Tock