Did Don Hutchings Really Represent the People or City Hall?

I wasn't going to comment on TCW article about Don Hutchings seeking to return to the Board, but after he shared the article on his Facebook page, I decided, enough is enough and to comment my thoughts.  Although the comments were deleted from his page, I placed them again and again, each time deleted, but I feel if Don is going to run the people should know his record, so I'm posting the same comments here that have been deleted on his Facebook page, so here goes:

Sorry, but Don Hutchings says he represents the citizens, but does he really?  During the Prepared Food Tax, Don supported city administrator Ray Gosack's attempt to force this tax without a vote of the people.  Secondly, Don Hutchings sat silent when the city administrator used police in big black SUVs to deliver subpoenas to good, decent citizens, in front of their kids and neighbors, forcing these folks downtown to the city attorneys office for depositions, when the only thing these good, decent folks were guilty of, was collecting names to overturn the forced tax.  I'm sorry, but this type of force should not be allowed to take place in any American city and it is unconscionable that a preacher would allow innocent people to be intimidated and herded like sheep downtown for such an abuse of rights without standing up for the people he says he represents.