Crazy Cast of Characters

My Memphis friends are a cast of characters ready for reality show TV…..well maybe we were reality show material back in the day….cancer, kids, and life had matured us past all that….I thought until I got breast cancer……  They were determined that I would not face any critical moments alone.  There were two crazy girlfriends that always provided a way to see the humor in even the scariest things.  Get ready to laugh as I share just two of the more notable memories I have of Janis & Renee'.

Bad Hair Day

June 2005, I was in the shower two weeks after my first chemo – washing my hair when it started.  I couldn’t get to the phone fast enough to call Janis…. “It is starting, my hair is falling out,”  I cried.  She sprang into action!   A short time later as I answered a knock at my door my tears of sadness where exchanged with tears from hysterical laughter.  Janis was dressed in a sexy clown get up complete with a rainbow colored big afro wig.  She said, “And you think you are having a bad hair day.”  Janis should have been a comedian.  For the past 25 years,  she has been the friend who always had a way of making me feel better no matter the circumstance.  At the start of my breast cancer battle she officially declared herself to be the chairman of the cheery uppy committee.  Janis loves the Lord, her family, and thankfully me.  She makes me laugh thank God!

Loose the Boob Luncheon

While living in Memphis I have been blessed with another nutty friend, Renee’.  I totally have a whole book series full of Renee’ stories…but here is one that takes the cake.

Fighting crime & cancer in the same day is just plan bad timing.  But God can take a bad thing and use it for the good of those that love Him.  The day before my mastectomy, October 13, 2005, I was a victim of a home invasion.  Thankfully, I wasn’t in my bedroom asleep as a burglar broke into my home at 4:00 am.  However, the young lady that was staying with me and her little sister were.   After the alarm sounds, a confrontation with the criminal as he was running out of the house and the police arrived, I was called. 

My mind could not absorb the news!  I had to travel from Jonesboro to Memphis (90 minutes) not knowing if everyone was ok.  By the time I arrived, he had been caught ten doors down at his grandmother’s house.  He wasn’t too smart.  He ran from my house to her’s across dew covered grass.  His footprints made it easy to find and capture him.  My house guests and their friends piled in my car and we followed the squad car downtown to 201 Poplar – the Memphis Police Department.  After filling out the police report, we raced to FM 100 in mid-town Memphis to do a radio interview for Race for the Cure. 

By noon, I made it to what has now been named my “loose the boob” luncheon.  I was tired, mad, hungry, and running on adrenal.  Robin wanted to treat me to a nice little lady like luncheon complete with a glass of Cakebread chardonnay before my mastectomy.  How sweet!  Once she, Janis, & Renee’ heard the story of my latest battle, well one bottle of Cakebread chardonnay was enough. 

At this point, I had had eight rounds of chemo, lost my hair, lost my job, was about to loose my boob and had almost lost jewelry and if I had been at home I might have lost my life.  (The robber got out of jail and killed his next home invasion victims).  I had been through a lot.  What could be wrong with a glass of wine or two?  Here is a tip:  If you are going to drink, you need to eat.  That little fru fru salad turned out not to be enough.  Before we knew it, Renee’ and I both needed someone to drive us home.  She called her daughter.  Ashley came to the rescue.  Being in the back seat of a car after having just a little too much to drink will make you barf.  And barf I did.  Renee’ thinks she’s a doctor.   She gave me what I thought were a couple of Pepto-Bismol pills…they were not – one pill was a phenergan and the other was a valium…  OMG!! 

It is a total wonder that I was able to have my surgery the next day.  Headed to the hospital with cotton mouthed from the hmm…a slight hanger over, all I could think about was how great it was going to feel to have to be knocked out of my misery.  I never even thought about the loss of the breast.  It would seem that the home invasion (a bad thing) followed by the Loose the Boob Luncheon (too much of a good thing) was a great distraction from what had the potential to have been a depressing situation.   Crazy girlfriends mixed with a little chardonnay equals good medicine!   

Remember to laugh every day no matter what is going on in your life.  Tick Tock