Conv Center, A&P, Wichita Falls & Softball Questions

Why does Mayor Sanders allow tax dollars from the hardworking taxpayers of Fort Smith to be used to subsidize huge salary packages at the A&P and the convention center when performance is so low?  Why do city directors ask softball questions pertaining to this performance?  Wichital Falls, TX has a smaller MSA than Fort Smith, but their Multi-Center Complex produces approximately 6 TIMES the REVENUE our convention center does.  Their Hotel Tax is over TWICE what our A&P receives in Hotel Tax and they're located in a smaller MSA.  Both, our convention center and the A&P are heavily subsidized by hardworking taxpayers, this doesn't happen in Wichita Falls.  In Fort Smith, the salary packages alone exceed ANNUAL REVENUE.  Last year, the convention center generated $651,157 in TOTAL REVENUE.  Salary packages alone were $798,000.  Salary packages were $146,843 more than TOTAL REVENUE.   TOTAL EXPENSES were approximately $1,507,000, for a total LOSS of $855,000.  If the convention center and the A&P can't be scaled down, then maybe the city should find someone like a Lance Beaty, who can lease the place for a $1, give him the Hotel Tax and let's see real economic impact numbers, not the pipe dreams we've been given and let's move on.  Mayor Sanders, there are much better ways to spend $855,000 of taxpayers money.