City Pay Raises? City Avg $59,323 versus Private Median $35,989

I discontinued my paper subscription last November, but I have "Liked" the SWTR on my Facebook page and therefore receive headlines and articles of interest.  The latest such article of interest was about our City Administrator pushing for employee pay raises in 2015.  According to the 2014 City Budget, the city of Fort Smith has a total of 955 employees and a personnel payroll of $56,653,380.  Since the city administrator doesn't include the median income for city workers, we can only average the pay per employee, which comes to $59,323.  Now, according to, the median household income in Fort Smith, ( which means there could be more than one worker per household), is $35,989 a year, which is the lowest of similar size Arkansas cities. There are plenty of hard working city employees that don't make $59,323 a year, but for transparency sake, it would be nice to have someone from city hall come out and give the median income for city workers.  After all, $59,323, versus $35,989 is quite a differential between city workers and private sector workers in Fort Smith