Cheap Energy: Kiss It Goodbye!

"Of all the changes in the last few decades, the cost of energy has to be at the top, and more change is coming…" (Mark Fowler, bnp publication)

How are YOU dealing with the rising cost of heating and cooling your home?  Consider the following ways to improve your home's energy savings:

1.  Replacement windows with Low-e and Argon, with a U factor of no greater than 30. (U Factor measures how well a product prevents heat and cold from escaping a home or building.  The lower it is, the better it performs.)

2.  e-Shield Insulation for your attic.  This product reflects an astounding 97% of all radiant heat transfer, which is the #1 cause of home energy waste.  Wouldn't you love to save up to 25% on your heating and cooling costs?

3.  Replacing outside doors with Energy Star rated doors.  A product earns the Energy Star label by undergoing a series of evaluations to determine how well energy is saved, and how well products prevent greenhouse gases from being      emitted into the atmosphere- to keep our environment cleaner and air quality higher.

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