CANCER – The “C” Word

Cancer is a much hated word.  

Seeking ways to exchange the bad C word with cool C words became part of my way to chip away the bad of the battle and replace it with words like Comedy, Chicken, Compassion, and Chardonnay. 

Thanks to a multitude of people who make up my story’s cast of characters, my battle became more like a cartoon in no time.   A daily dose of laughter became a cure all medicine for my soul. 

The next few blogs will be story telling dedicated to the need for women to have Cool &/or Crazy friends during any life battle real or imagined.

Laura, my childhood friend.

All my life, I have been blessed with amazing girlfriends.  Laura is my best friend from childhood.   Growing up, we were inseparable.  After I moved away at the beginning of high school, we still kept in touch.  We were even in each other’s weddings.  But the distance between Northwest Arkansas and Memphis was too great plus the demands of our individual lives ultimately diminished our ability to stay in touch during pre-Facebook times. Lol. 

When she heard that I had breast cancer, she called me.  Wow! You would have thought I had died already.  I told her to quit crying and to save all those nice words for the funeral which wasn’t going to happen anytime soon.  Since I was still alive, she said she would come and see me. She came!  We relived many memories while her husband huge some pictures for me.   Laura told me what a difference I had made in her life and her family’s ultimate conversion to Christianity.  I had no idea that she attributed such a monumental legacy to a small gesture of invitation to attend church with me.  Discovering that fact almost made being sick ok.  She too impacted my life greatly.  Miss Laura Hatasaki taught me how to be thoughtful and caring.  To this day, Laura is the nicest person in the world.  She sets the bar on proper behavior.  I have been known to try to lower that bar at times.  We laughed about how I made her scared all the time.  I was brave and adventurous.  But Laura will tell you, I did made her have fun even when she was terrified that we would get in trouble and that she is grateful that I did. 

Where would any of us be without childhood memories and the friends that help shape us into the adults we become?  I encourage you to reach out – pronto – to a friend from your distant past that has left a positive impression on who you are today.  Tell them how they made a difference in your life.  In doing so, you will probably be making a memory that could matter more than you know….before it is too late.  Tick Tock.