Attention all champions of local places

Do you have a favorite local historic place? The Clayton House, Bonneville House, Miss Laura’s, Drennen-Scott House, our historic downtowns? Any of the amazing places with compelling and relevant stories to tell?

A recession can be something we fear or something we embrace – as a chance to engage and share experiences right here at home.

Think about the opportunities we’ll enjoy this coming spring and summer. How can we seize the anticipated family decisions to stay home and explore the places they live?

We have January, Feburary, and part of March to take a good, honest look at our favorite non-profit places and make sure our product – and its story – is in order.

Let’s communicate a message about our favorite historic place that meets people where their interests lie. How can we bring artists to the Art Center? How can we entice attorneys to want to spend time at the Clayton House? Dare we celebrate the history of tattoo artists on Garrison Avenue?

We’ll never continue to preserve these places for another generation by guilting our friends and neighbors into caring. However, if we make a connection between people long gone and professionals yet to be born, we’ll never be able to halt the enthusiasm and passion.

You know the best part? It doesn’t cost much to tell a good story.

Note: Chris Atkins, Vice President, Corporate Communications at Standard & Poor’s, predicts a "big rise in the appeal of so-called ‘stay-cations next spring and summer.’" Source: