I read a lot of dissatisfaction in response to most of the news headlines in Fort Smith.  However, I don't see anything about accountability.  I am a very conservative, active voter.  I try to study and look at each candidate for the positions that I have a vote and try and make the best decision based on those findings.  However, in our society as a whole we do not do that.  We either don't vote, or vote for a candidate based on party, ignorance, or one item that fits our needs and wants.  A person that does not take their right to vote seriously is as bad as any of the politicians that are in their position for self gratification.  Our country has lost it's desire to hold people, companies, governments, politicians accountable for their actions.  Accountability is the root of which a republic is formed.  That is why our fore fathers chose not to have term limits, other than for President. Term limits were built into our original government, that is from the voters.  Through the voting process, we should hold them accountable for their votes and actions while serving.  Now, with so many not voting, and the media, printing half truths or nothing at all, we have career politicians.  Even in Fort Smith, accountability is lost.  Under the current form of government,(CIty Administrator/Board of Directors)format, the accountability is held at the BOD level.  The City Administrator is the employee of the Board, and it is their responsibility to hold that person accountable.  The last many elections in Fort Smith reflect that our residents are "happy" with this form of government and have given the current BOD it's blessings to continue on.  The current BOD believes that the City Administrator is doing it's job well, or else there would be efforts by the BOD to make changes, or the voters would have made changes at the ballot box to reflect it's displeasure with their decisions.  This does not and has not happened.  The voters, by their vote have stated they approve of the current actions.  If we, as citizens and voters in Fort Smith, don't like the way things are run, then hold your Director accountable at the ballot box.  Put someone in the office that will.  While, I try to hold myself and my "representatives" accountable with their votes and actions, it looks on the surface as though the majority of voters are pleased with the current state and direction.  I don't necessarily agree or disagree, but do feel the need to hold all of them accountable for their actions.  Then let the voters speak.  If they speak with their vote, then that is what makes America great.  The people have spoken.