1% Prepared Food Tax Voodoo Poll Results!

Remember, the survey is an unscientific poll. In fact, it is a voodoo poll. For those of you unfamiliar (and you know who you are!) with what an "unscientific" poll or "voodoo poll" is, read this.

1. Are you for or against a 1% prepared food tax?

For: 48.7%
Against: 51.3%

2. Board pass the tax, or voters decide:

Voters decide: 56.6% 
Board pass: 43.4%

3. If you are against the tax, what is the solution for the budget shortfall?

Turn Miss Lauras back into a brothel: 22.2%
Have Sandy Sanders rob an out-of-town bank: 0%
Immediately require every city employee to make Saturday their pick up aluminum can day: 22.2%
Sue the Coen brothers for using the city’s name in True Grit: 11.1%
Replace all police and fire vehicles with bicycles: 7.4%
Screw it, lets go drink: 37.0%

4. If you are for the tax, which of the following expresses your enthusiam for another tax?

I am delighted that the board of directors has kicked the can down the road for 10 years before finally deciding to pass a tax: 30.6%
Since I will be paying more for my burgers, they taste yummier!: 11.1%
Can’t wait to see what other surprises the board has in store for us!: 58.3%


  • I’m frankly surprised not one person thought Mayor Sanders robbing a bank would be a good idea.
  • "Screw it, let go drink" seems to be a popular solution for not doing all kinds of things.