Covering Arkansas Politics

State Senators Draw For Two-Year, Four-Year Terms

Sen. Files Set For ‘Baptism By Fire’ As Chair Of Tax Committee

Sen. Jake Files, R-Fort Smith, was selected Thursday (Nov. 8) as the chairman of the powerful Senate Revenue and Tax committee, a job he admits...

Lamoureux Replaces Teague As Senate President For 2013

Democrat L.J. Bryant To Contest House District 52 Election

Gov. Beebe Expects Bipartisanship In GOP Legislature

One day after Republicans made historic gains and appear in control of both chambers of the General Assembly, Democratic Gov. Mike Beebe said he expects...

Voters Approve Road Tax, Defeat Marijuana, Financing Measures

Romney Cruises, Republicans Sweep All 4 Congressional Seats

GOP Picks Up State Senate, But House Control Remains In Question

Republicans firmly won the Arkansas State Senate for the first time since Reconstruction, but control of the Arkansas House is still an undecided matter. A...

Arkansas Election Night Legislative Scoreboard

Political Consultants Explain Their Strategies

Republicans are poised to gain control of the Arkansas House and Senate for the first time since Reconstruction. Democrats have pulled out all the stops...

Tolbert: A Prediction That Republicans Will Prevail

Ockert: A Former Editor’s General Election Ballot

Arkansas Family Council Sued By Marijuana Vending Machine Firm

Weekend Digest: How A Hurricane Hinders A National Election

Brawner: Peering Over The Fiscal Cliff

Steve Brawner, columnist for Stephens Media and a frequent Talk Business contributor, deploys his usual clarity on a major issue that won't get much real...

Payroll Timing Issue Blamed For Lower October Revenues

Massive Conversions In Active Niche

In about two weeks, Gov. Mike Beebe (D) will present his balanced budget to the Arkansas General Assembly, but balancing a potential $400 million Medicaid...

ONE Campaign Rooted In Arkansas Connections

Michael Elliott, CEO for the ONE Campaign - a nonprofit working to eradicate poverty and disease and co-founded by rock star Bono - was in...

Voters Undecided And Unsure On Financing Amendment

Issue No. 2, a legislatively-referred proposed constitutional amendment, doesn't have a cheerleading group or a set of detractors and that has left voters undecided and...

Supporters Say Road Tax To Fund Critical Projects

Supporters of a temporary half-cent sales tax increase to help aid and expand the state's four-lane highway system promoted their cause with the help of...