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Steve Brawner is a freelance journalist and contributor to Talk Business & Politics. He is also a syndicated columnist in 10 Arkansas newspapers. You can email him at or follow him on Twitter: @SteveBrawner.

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Health Advisor Describes 1332 Waiver Options To Legislative Task Force

A research fellow from Stanford’s Hoover Institution told Arkansas lawmakers that a 1332 waiver provided options and boundaries for altering the state’s health care system.

Bill Clinton: Energy, Broadband Would Help Delta

Former President Bill Clinton alternative and more efficient energy, tax credits, and more broadband access would help areas along the Mississippi Delta enjoy more economic growth.

Cong. Crawford: Highway Bill Just Needs Funding

A new version of the 2012 federal highway authorization law quickly could be passed with few changes out of the  Continue Reading »

Cong. Westerman: Rural America Creates Country’s Wealth

Rural areas create much of America’s wealth and could better share in that wealth if they took advantage of their  Continue Reading »

App To Help Drivers Share Concerns, Ideas With Carriers

Entrepreneur Max Farrell is spending this week sitting on the passenger side of an 18-wheeler traveling from Des Moines to Los Angeles, hoping to gain insights for a phone app he believes will help trucking companies better communicate with and retain their drivers.

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